With the new firmware version 1.18.510 (37472), we have added/optimised some functions of the ROX 12.0 SPORT in response to your wishes and suggestions for the integration of new functions. The new update will take your ride experience with the GPS bike computer up to a completely new level!

The firmware update procedure is always the same. The ROX 12.0 SPORT must be connected to a WLAN and a power source. Open Settings in the menu and press on Firmware Update. If you have an active Internet connection, you are shown whether a new update is available that you can download directly. After this, you can sit back and relax as the ROX 12.0 does all the rest itself. The firmware update only takes a few minutes after which you will see not only that you have Dropbox and better turn-off notes but also that the stability of the system is better.

What’s new in firmware version 1.18.510 (37472)


From firmware 37472 upwards, a Dropbox interface is integrated in the ROX 12.0. This enables you to distribute and process your data easily and quickly. In order to use the Dropbox interface, you only have to log in to Dropbox on the ROX 12.0 SPORT or register with Dropbox in advance using a PC or smart phone. In future, your training units will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox in the .fit format via WiFi. This means that your coach, training partners or applications such as Golden Cheetah will be able to access to them.


Improved turn by turn for Tracks

In order to make the navigation of downloaded tracks even better and easier, the turn by turn notes have been revised completely. Previously, it sometimes happened that irrelevant information was displayed although the route was completely clear. The ROX 12.0 now proceeds in a more analytical manner in that it checks the complete track and generates helpful turn by turn notes. The bike computer checks not only the route in general but also every intersection as well. You are therefore shown turn by turn notes for your tracks even when there are no turn by turn notes in the actual track

Zoom function in the altitude profile

As of now, you can choose different zoom levels in the altitude profile of the ROX 12.0. You are therefore able to see what altitude changes lay ahead of you when you start a track. All you have to do is tap on the altitude profile and then select the desired zoom level with + or -. This then remains the same until you change it again.
[Zoom screen or image with hand]

Strava Live Segment

For all Strava fans, the ROX 12.0 has been adapted to the latest version of the Strava interface. This means that you now have the following comparison options:

  • Personal record
  • Athlete who is one place ahead of you
  • Athlete who is one place behind you
  • My last attempt
  • Best time from the last five attempts

Up to 100 segments can be synchronised. But be careful! There are segments that are classified as “dangerous” (e.g. downhill sections). These are not available as Strava Live segments!


Powermeter users will be pleased with the optimised zero-offset calibration function. This calibration function has also been added to the short menu.

Optimised font

The font for numbers in the Training view has been altered so that numerical values are easier to read and also have a more modern look.

System stability

In general, the overall stability of the ROX 12.0 SPORT has been improved. You are therefore ideally prepared for our next tour or training unit.

All changes at a glance:

  • Dropbox Integration
  • Turn-off notes have been improved
  • Zoom function for altitude profile
  • Strava Live Segments update
  • Powermeter calibration – optimised
  • Training view has new, improved font for numbers
  • Improvement of stability
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