New Firmware Update 1.19.150 (39420)

Firmware update 02/19: ROX 12.0 SPORT

The new ROX 12.0 SPORT firmware 1.19.150 (39420), has some new functions and improvements that will make bike riding more pleasurable. The biggest new feature will especially please e-bike riders, for whom the ROX 12.0 SPORT can now display not only navigation and training data but also e-bike-specific values, irrespective of whether the bike is an electric city, trekking or mountain bike. In addition, the reading problem of the µSD card has been rectified so that more storage space is now available for you to use.

ROX 12.0 SPORT with Shimano STEPS

ROX 12.0 SPORT with Shimano STEPS

New function: the ROX 12.0 is now e-bike ready

The new firmware version 1.19.150 (39420) makes the ROX 12.0 SPORT compatible with the Shimano STEPS e-bike drive systems. The GPS bike computer establishes a connection to the compatible e-bike system via the ANT interface, thus enabling many e-bike owners to view values such as battery operating time, range and support level on the device’s display. So far, the Shimano STEPS E6100, E7000 and E8000 drive systems are compatible with the ROX 12.0 via ANT.

In connection with the integration of Shimano STEPS, the graphic representation of the ANT+ LEV connection has also been improved.

µSD card functions optimized
In the past, reading µSD cards has sometimes been problematic. We have now rectified this error so that a large number of different µSD cards can now be used for data storage. As a result, data such as activities, work-outs, sports profiles and tracks can be stored on your µSD card.

However, it is important to format the µSD card as FAT32 before use (NTFS or exFAT are not recognized by the ROX 12.0). The following list is an overview of all the µSD cards tested by us:

o Activities
o Work-outs
o Sports profiles
o Tracks

128 GB memory cards must be formatted with the cluster size 64KB.

If “slow” memory cards and memory cards larger than 32GB are used, the ROX 12.0 takes longer to start!

The compass has also been improved

We frequently received feedback that the map alignment was incorrect, especially at low speeds. This update corrects this error

Improve alignment of the map

Improve alignment of the map

ROTOR INPower support

The ROTOR INPower users among you will also be pleased with the new firmware update. Like the ROTOR 2INPower previously, this power meter can now be connected to the ROX 12.0 SPORT and also shows the special ROTOR values, OCA and OCP. This will make your training even more effective.

All changes at a glance

  • E-bike compatibility with SHIMANO STEPS and LEV (ANT+ profile)
  • uSD card reading error has been rectified
  • Compass function has been improved
  • ROTOR INPower support has been added
  • Stability has been improved
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