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Firmware update for iD.FREE and iD.TRI – Version 1.67

In times like these one mostly trains alone. It is nice to have at least one digital training partner at your side. The triathlon watch iD.TRI and the multisport watch iD.FREE get ready for spring with the new firmware update. The improvements concern functions that are identical for both models. These include:

BLE transmission to the SIGMA LINK app

Communication with the smart phone has been fundamentally improved and accelerated. The update allows up to 5 times higher transmission speeds. For comparison: To transmit one hour of training session, about 1:10 minutes were previously required. With the new firmware this is about 25 seconds.


Sensor technology

The use of external sensors has been optimised. So now you can use all sensors in all sport profiles. Some sensors could previously only be used for the cycling profile. From now on you are much more flexible here. For example, you can now use a power meter to measure watts in the running profile (e.g. with the Stryd sensor).

Smart notifications

When iD.FREE or iD.TRI are connected to the SIGMA LINK app, calls and messages can be shown directly on the watch’s display. These smart notifications were previously not automatically hidden again. With the update they are only visible for 10 minutes.

iD.TRI Smart Notifications


Furthermore, the display of the step rate in connection with Strava was optimised.The data was displayed incorrectly when exporting to a third-party provider. This error is now fixed so that all data is now synchronised. The status display of the battery was partly faulty. When the watch is fully charged, the battery charge status shows it as 100%. In addition, the display of the remaining battery charge has generally been optimised.

The A-GPS data is preloaded via the SIGMA LINK app to get a quick fix. We have optimised the process here so that GPS data can be loaded more reliably in future. For this purpose, a short synchronisation between the app and the watch is still the best thing to do before each training session.  

>> All changes are summarised in a changelog on our SIGMA SPORT homepage.