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Bye-bye, GPSies – Why the outdoor portal is disappearing from the SIGMA world

Planning tours, sharing activities and experiences with other sports enthusiasts in the online community is more popular than ever. This has also proven true of our users in DATA CENTER, the SIGMA LINK app, and ROX 12.0 SPORT. Many leisure cyclists, joggers, and hikers enjoy suggestions that are made available directly in these SIGMA products via the GPSies route planner. Also they are entirely free of charge and non-binding. That is why we at SIGMA SPORT regret to announce that this cooperation will soon come to an end.

GPSies was taken over by the provider AllTrails in August 2019, which means, in the long run the routes will be available only on this new portal. Existing GPSies customers can still use their access. However, new customers cannot register and will be forwarded to AllTrails. This software also has a free version and a lot of exiting routes in addition to the GPSies ones. But a direct sync with SIGMA products is not possible.

GPSies will continue to be supported in the DATA CENTER and the SIGMA LINK app until the beginning of next year. This also applies to integration in ROX 12.0 SPORT. Following the next firmware update at the end of this year, GPSies integration will no longer be available on the devices. In the next few months, we will publish special information about this process for our users.

Do you still have questions? Check out our FAQs and see if you can find the answer there. Find out more at GPSies homepage.