ROX 12.0 Update
Technology, Training

ROX 12.0 Firmware-Update Version 1.20.070 (43325)

Spring is approaching, cycle paths and roads are calling again. So it’s high time to brush up your bike and your cycling technology, as well. Some new features and improvements in the latest ROX 12.0 firmware update 1.20.070 will sweeten your training time in the upcoming season.

But first of all there is a small farewell to announce. With the acquisition of GPSies by AllTrails, the service will gradually be discontinued or taken over by AllTrails. As a result, the GPSies access to the ROX 12.0 vanishes. We had already announced this in the blog article Bye, Bye GPSies. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the many years of cooperation with GPSies!

ROX 12.0 power meter rotor

Users of the latest power meter from ROTOR can look forward to it. The INSpider is fully supported by the ROX 12.0 and reliably displays the OCA and OCP values.

Good news for the impatient ones. We have added a fast charging function. This means that you can considerably shorten the charging time with the appropriate power supply. Therefore the supply unit has to support 1.5 A minimum (at 5V). We generally advise not to charge the device on your lap top, as this usually takes a lot longer.

ROX 12.0 HAltitude profile

A number of corrections are also included. There have been cases where the summer time has not been correctly identified. This error has been fixed with the update. Furthermore, the calculation of the gradients has been optimized and the display error of the pauses in the DATA CENTER has been corrected. The stability of the ANT+ sensors has been improved, as well as system stability in general.

We have summarized all innovations in a tabular and compact way in our change log section of ROX 12.0 homepage.