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ROX 12.0 SPORT: New Firmware Update Version 1.19.270 (40552)

At a good time for the summer and bike-travel season, we now have a new firmware update for the ROX 12.0 SPORT. As always, we have considered your wishes and suggestions and have taken them fully into account in version 1.19.270 (40552).

One of your greatest wishes was for an improvement of the map contrast. Thanks to considerably deeper colours and higher degrees of contrast, the map contents are now clearer and easier to view. The route to be traveled is now shown in blue instead of bright green and, as a result, the route stands out more clearly against the other contents of the map.

The map contrast is improved

In addition, turn-off information for Draw my Route are now shown, with the result that navigation is clearer.

Draw my Route has turn-by-turn directions now

Anyone who rides an e-bike with the Shimano STEPS drive system can now choose to have the support level displayed.

Further functions for Shimano Steps

Moreover, we have rectified a few small errors. In the past, the ROX 12.0 was unable to process any Garmin base camp tracks. They enable you to save several tracks in one data file. With the new update, you can now use these tracks without any problems.

As regards Strava, it has recently become possible to plan routes in the Strava app. Previously, it was not possible to start them on the ROX 12.0 SPORT. We have also rectified this error as well so that these tracks can be used with the new firmware without problem.

When the ROTOR values were read out in the DATA CENTER, the OCP value was not shown correctly. We have also corrected this error.

ROTOR OCP values is displayed correctly in the Data Center

  • Map contrast has been improved
  • Draw my Route now has turn-off information
  • Support level is now shown if Shimano STEPS is used
  • Troubleshooting – Garmin Base Camp Tracks
  • Troubleshooting – Strava routes
  • Troubleshooting – ROTOR OCP value